10 wierd dating sites

Date British If you're looking for a smarty to stimulate your noggin, visit this website for the world's brainiest scholars.There's a very selective list of what schools make admissions, and all members have made the cut.Let me preface this with the fact that I have nothing against online dating.Online dating is a great way for busy or introverted people, or those with weird schedules, or just those who want to meet new people outside their current circle and local haunts, to find romance or a hookup or a husband or wife or friend with benefits.ALike If you want a partner that can go the distance (26.2 miles, of course), then this website can find you one.Fitness Dates forms a community of runners, yoga lovers, and cycling fiends—so go ahead and take your pick.

Sea Captain Date To be fair, it's probably hard to find love on the high seas.With the advent of the internet, it's now easier than ever to meet weirdos, right from the comfort of your own computer chair.You could use a 'normal' dating site, but why not spice it up as the specter of menopause looms before you?Not too long ago, we had to rely on finding people in a bar, or on friends to set us up with 'that one coworker'.Neither of these things was particularly a good way to meet people, but are we any better off now?