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Payne, 23, first met Cheryl when he was 16 while auditioning for the X Factor in 2010.

The judge, who herself forged her career on Popstars: The Rivals, supported the youngster and voted to send him through.

As long as you express heartfelt enthusiasm for the person's good fortune, your congratulations will be well received.

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May your birthday be filled with memories that last a lifetime. (most theatres have gift tickets available) Hot Idea #3 - Include a gift certificate in your greeting.

Payne went on to be placed in pop group One Direction, created by boss Simon Cowell throughout the series, who quickly achieved global fame. "Payne, meanwhile, enjoyed congratulations from superstar DJ Zedd and Sasha Malik, the cousin of One Direction rogue Zayn Malik.

And the X Factor connection was also reflected in the congratulations, with former mentee group 4th Impact tweeting: "Congratulations to our mentor/sister Cheryl and Liam. The pregnancy and birth, shrouded in secrecy, had been tipped for months.

Congratulating Someone in Person Going Above and Beyond Handling Unique Scenarios Community Q&A When something great happens to a friend, family member or colleague, congratulations are in order!

But sometimes it's not easy to find the right words and know what gestures to make to show you care.