Dating after 10 year relationship

This distrust often shows up in online dating profiles when you say things like "no head games," or "no dishonest men." When you write those things in your profile, you're broadcasting on a billboard that you've been hurt and that you're distrustful.

You'll scare away the men who have it together because they'll recognize your distrust immediately.

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Even if the answer was YES at the time, I knew I loved my LDR man enough to say no, and my reward would be going to brunch with my friends and laughing at their blunders and f*ckups from the night before, not mine. Bad habits are FAR from cute His 'cute' obsession with milk turns into the bane of your life. ' and his tendency to forget (everything) is no longer forgivable. You're best friends You know you're best friends when you finish each other's sentences and have so many inside jokes that people think you're the 'weird couple'. Trying to impress isn't a priority anymore The courting's over ladies! The D*CK tendency After the one-year mark men are prone to the following: letting their guards down (a little too much), taking you for granted and pissing you off. Nights out become nights in You both get lazy about going out.Dressing to impress, wearing perfume and matching undies - yeah that only happens on special occasions now. Teeth checking You need to know if you have food in your teeth and you're not afraid to ask him. Foreplay is non-existent You'd think once taught never forgotten, right? Furious eyes It's no joking matter, all you have to do is give him 'the look' and he'll know where he stands. Ordering take out and a movie marathon (of your choice) is more of your thing now. I always hear people say "Don't date too soon, give it time". Sometimes, I think dating other people get you over your ex faster. If you don't, it's like he still has control over you and he is deciding when you are going to be happy.