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Das Video-Imperium Youtube ist ursprünglich als Dating-Portal an den Start gegangen.

"Die Idee war, dass sich die Leute mit Kurzvideos vorstellen", sagte Mitgründer Steve Chen auf dem "South-by-Southwest"-Festival in Texas.

Astronauts Wanted has assembled a pretty epic lineup of You Tube “sexperts” for “The Feels” the panel includes Andrea Russett, Briane Worth, Ello Steph, Stevie Boebi, Akilah Hughes, Laci Green, Hannah Witton and Vine stars Simone Shephard and Hannah Pilkes.

Based on the trailer it looks like nothing will be off limits, seriously, it’s worth watching just for a few seconds of Hannah Witton cackling gleefully about Snapchat dick pics.

Live-Videos und bewusstes Essen spielten eine immer größere Rolle, sagte er.

Last year the video giant implemented a policy under which videos subject to disputed copyright claims are allowed to remain online and generate ad revenue while the disputes were being evaluated.Who better than Laci Green to teach us the difference between proper etiquette on Ok Cupid and Badoo?FINALLY saw Stephen Bear get kicked off the show for secretly dating Charlotte Crosby....Ferne had clearly felt like she had seen enough (ahem) and decided there wouldn't be a second date.Obviously E4 blurred the video out for broadcast, but that just made viewers want to see it more, including Queen of And look, we know by this point you just want to actually watch the video (don't even lie) but we can't actually embed it in the article because, if you hadn't noticed, it is VERY unsuitable for work.