Ethics in online dating

Honesty is the Best Policy Whichever way you look at it, honesty is important when we’re dating, and it’s always a mistake to pretend we’re something we’re not.The internet may well be awash with cyber liars – but deception is a bad starting point for any kind of relationship.The odds are you're going to get caught and it's not a particularly good idea to start a relationship off on the wrong foot.It will only prompt a potential partner to wonder: What else has he/she lied about? Don't look for a fight: Some clients have received mean responses from people they've politely solicited.But for the most part it won't pay off if your picture is so old that you're barely recognizable in person—one client told me he was shocked to find that a 42-year-old woman he drove over an hour to meet had put up her high school picture.He said he had to circle her several times to make sure she was his date before he approached her.Because we know that ultimately there’s no real come-back, our sense of responsibility can quickly fly out of the window.

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As far as speed dating companies go, Date in a Dash is a behemoth in London.

It’s a tricky business, and one which is for the most part unregulated. Making sure that ‘dating’ has a good name, and helping each other out, rather than working against each other.

These are just some of the reasons why the Online Dating Association was created in the UK last year, and why I, as a single girl, was inspired to create the UK Dating Awards. And so I was really disappointed on a couple of occasions recently.

In my opinion it's safest not to lie about or embellish anything.

I empathize with a desire for minor embellishment but why take the chance.