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“ – The honest truth is that most guys are very dry and draining when it involves engaging in phone conversations.

They have become extremely use to typing their responses and often asking someone in the background what to say first.

TR feels that as the woman, she should wait for the man to make the first move by asking for her phone number.

Ultimately no one really knows what they are doing, but we all act as if we do to somehow seem like we have control over something really ephemeral. That said, there is nothing I enjoy more than giving advice and setting people up (which somehow has never resulted in an actual loving human relationship, but has resulted in several tepid dates! What other invaluable dating advice gems have you doled out via text/gchat/etc? Let’s see, if there’s any chance you want to hang out with a person again, you have to text the next morning/early afternoon at the latest. The moral of the story: initiate a phone call when you’re ready to talk on the phone.Otherwise, you might end up waiting for someone who is waiting for you.