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Over the years, we’ve learned there’s a lot more to Ned Flanders than his devout Christian ways.Here are the best Flanders episodes of Springfield installs surveillance cameras (like London) after a bomb scare, and Flanders ends up in charge of it.The meeting hall is well equipped with all necessary gadgets and facilities, The total capacity of the meeting hall is 80 people. That makes it easy to organize any kind of party and festival, Sint-Niklaas also known as the capital of the Waas region (Waasland) is located between Ghent and Antwerp, the two largest cities of Belgium, It is a historical resting spot for traders between those two large cities.Sint Niklaas also boasts the largest market square of Europe.entails a specific way of depositing human remains whereby the cremated remains of the deceased and other remnants of the funeral pyre, such as charcoal and burnt objects, are jointly deposited onto the bottom of a pit.This type of burial became increasingly popular during the Late Iron Age and the Roman period, when it was the main basic funerary structure used in western Flanders.In a rare moment of corruption, Flanders becomes Big Brother.A defiant Homer finds a spot in his backyard where the cameras can’t see and breaks all of Flanders’ rules.

Based on an average activity of adulterers, Antwerp is 23% more active than the average city, while Brussels is 19% more active.

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Hotel New Flanders has a glorious historical background in the accommodation business. Weer een fijne overnachting gehad in dit gezellige hotel.

Hotel New Flanders is located in the heart of Sint Niklaas, just a few steps from the central train station.

Ned Flanders has lived next door to The Simpsons for so long that he’s often been the star of many episodes.