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Maya and Sabina were very excited to hear that their groomer was venturing off to start her own salon a few months ago!

Lola was treated like a queen, made friends every day, came home happy, tired out and was exposed to other dogs and people at a young age.

She will benefit from it going forward and her owner has committed taking her to day care at least twice a week going forward!

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Her love for all dogs inspired her to open a facility that would provide a unique service for owners who care for their pets as much as she does.

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You can reach them by email, [email protected], by phone at 866-929-0919, or visit their website at To view our webcam from your mobile Android or Apple devices and phones you will need to use the Odoggy app. For additional troubleshooting, you can visit their support page.

K9 Playland is owned and operated by Erica Iglesias and her special pups, Alvin (Pug), Zoe (Dachshund) and Allie (German Shepherd).

Small class sizes and lots of options from puppy training, dog obedience training, and agility to tricks, sport, and treibball.

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